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Advocacy Center

(Got advocacy? It's is important to civil society. We're Citizen Diplomats. We're good at this grassroots stuff!)

FY 2022 Educational and  Cultural Exchange Budget 
FY 2022 Educational and Cultural Exchange Budget 

Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia is a member of the national Global Ties U.S. network that advocates for funding on our behalf.

This November, we need your help to advocate for a robust and timely FY 2022 Educational and Cultural Exchange Budget, during International Education Week, November 15-19. Here is the situation with the budget as it currently stands:

On September 30, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government through December 3, 2021. This was necessary as the House and Senate have not yet agreed to a final FY 2022 federal budget. The House passed their FY 2022 State-Foreign Operations bill in July at $62.24 billion ($750 million for Educational and Cultural Exchanges). On Monday, October 18, the Senate Appropriations Committee released their proposed FY 2022 budget at $60.56 billion ($748.9 million for ECE), 3% below the House-approved level and Biden Administration’s FY22 request. The Senate budget still needs to move for a full vote. Once it passes, both chambers will then have to agree on a full budget by December 3, or pass another Continuing Resolution to keep the government running. As you know from past experience, longer-term CRs are second-best to a full federal budget passing, as they allow for some predictability and planning.

In conjunction with International Education Week (November 15-19), please reach out to your Members of Congress to make the following asks:

For the Senate - Senators Bob Casey and Patrick Toomey:

  • Ask our Senators to pass a federal budget that supports a strong Educational and Cultural Exchange (ECE) budget at the House-approved funding level, before December 3. THANKING Senator Bob Casey for his long-time support of  a robust ECE budget.
  • Indicate that if a vote for another Continuing Resolution is necessary, a longer-term one is preferred to continue to pass through critical funding to your community.
  • Refer to the linked outline and messaging here to share the importance of international exchange.

For the House:

  • Thank your House representatives for passing the State-Foreign Operations bill that supports a strong Educational and Cultural Exchange budget.
    • Note: You can check your representative’s vote history here.
  • Indicate that if a vote for another Continuing Resolution is necessary, a longer-term one is preferred to continue to pass through critical funding to your community.
  • Refer to the linked outline and messaging here to share the importance of international exchange.

Afghan Exchange Alumni Advocacy Efforts

As many of you know, the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban in August has led to a historic humanitarian crisis, which has affected scores of Afghan alumni of U.S.-sponsored exchange programs, including International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni. Global Ties U.S. is working with the Alliance for International Exchange on a Task Force for continued advocacy efforts for these severely at-risk Afghans to find safety. If you would like to add advocacy for these Afghans to your messages during International Education Week, please encourage your Member of Congress to: 

  • Continue the safe evacuation and resettlement of at-risk Afghans, to provide for the protection of the Afghan public, and to continue support for humanitarian organizations under Taliban rule.
  • Provide more funds via supplemental bills for the U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to:
    • Process the influx of Afghan visas and green card applications
    • Support Afghans who left Afghanistan on Special Refugee Assistance Program status and are currently in third countries waiting to travel to the United States, which includes displaced scholars and U.S. exchange alumni who are waiting in third countries and are unable to receive funding support.
    • Provide relief funds for Afghan nationals who are scholars or students already inside the United States to study, conduct research, and contribute to U.S. higher education as professors, faculty, and staff.
  • Support H.R.5482 - Special Immigrant Visas for Afghan Fulbright Scholars Act of 2021, which will provide Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) to any citizen or Afghan national, and their legal spouse or children, selected on or after Oct. 7, 2001 for U.S.-sponsored educational and cultural exchange programs, like the IVLP and Fulbright.

If you would like to be more involved in more in-depth advocacy efforts around Afghanistan and relocating Afghan refugees, please join the efforts being led by Evacuate our Allies, which is affiliated with Human Rights First and has been doing an extraordinary job in coordinating advocacy efforts across various partners working to support at-risk Afghans.


 Contact Andrea Silva with any questions. Many Thanks to  Katherine Brown and Christian Caudill at Global Ties US for Topline messaging and updates.

Remember it's always a good time to THANK City Council and the Mayor's office of Philadelphia for restoring funding to international affairs!

Citizen Diplomacy received $100,000 in the FY21 City of Philadelphia Budget. It is just 42% of pre-pandemic funding and leaves a large need for a local match. The $237,000 we received in pre=pandemic funding represents just .00005 % of the $4.9 billion City budget. But it is 33% of Citizen Diplomacy's operating funds.

The City has found a way to support our international programs for 67 years – through the Cuban Revolution, the Cold War, 9/11; and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

International is critical to our City's economy and our economic recovery. 

  • For every $1 invested by the City of Philadelphia, Citizen Diplomacy brings in $4.32 in direct spending by International Visitors.
  • Citizen Diplomacy injects $2.3 million into our local economy annually and supports jobs in hotels, transportation, tourism and restaurants.
  • International visitors choose Philadelphia for contract partners, send college students here and return as tourists.

Citizen Diplomacy promotes international collaboration that prepares us to address global challenges. 

  • Professionals in public health, emergency management, regulatory standards, biotech and trade policy participate in programs through Citizen Diplomacy International.
  • We are all safer, when the world is better prepared and acting together.

Philadelphia is an important contributor to America's standing in the world. 

  • As the birthplace of democracy, the world looks to Philadelphia.
  • Representing the 6th largest city in America, Citizen Diplomacy International is one of the largest members of the State Department's international visitor programs, welcoming 1,200 international guests from 147 countries each year.
  • Philadelphia exports the best practices in Higher Education & Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Global Trade, Social Justice & Rule of Law, Volunteerism & Civic Activism, Fair Elections & Freedom of Speech

Please support Citizen Diplomacy by reaching out to City Council members in the following ways:

Tweet at a City Council member (See Toolkit for Twitter handles): Remember International is critical for our City's recovery and economic growth. Without @CDIPHILA, #PHL will lose international relationships. #GlobalCitizens bring jobs, education and culture to PHL. #ExchangesAre Crucial to #ExpandYourWorld! @Insert City Council Member Twitter handle

Call a City Council member 

Email a City Council member